These are some of the projects I have been working on in the past years and I am very proud of…



Mobile and Tablet App
 iPasta is the most downloaded italian branded app, with about 2 millions downloads without any advertising spent.
 iPasta aims to support the consumer in all the contact points with the product pasta.
Moreover iPasta includes the official recipes by Academia Barilla.
Where there’s Pasta, there’s iPasta!
 Download it here!

 Barilla Factory LogoBarilla Factory

Video and Content Crowdsourcing
Barilla Factory is a creative space to exchange point of views about topics, products and relations. It’s a way to participate and to co-create content.
The Barilla Factory serves as an ideas hub where filmmakers from around the world can communicate their skills and ideas, sharing diversity and collaborating to provide Barilla with new ideas.People are invited to imagine stories and concepts, not only related to Barilla’s reality, but also to their own world view, new habits and ways of life.Barilla Factory is a platform connecting different countries and cultures, engaging creative people, well known filmmakers and new talents.
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Pasta News (Notizie di Pasta)

Facebook Content Format
Pasta News (Notizie di Pasta) is a creativity format posted in special occasions and events both on Facebook and on Pinterest Barilla official pages.
Pasta News use all the variety of Barilla pasta cuts to offer all the Barilla fans a new way to digitally interact with the brand day by day storytelling.
Get updated on Pasta News here!


Milan Protocol

Enviromental Global Initiative
The “Milan Protocol” will connect citizens and policy makers to address the issue of food sustainability with a triple objective:
– To eradicate hunger and promote healthy lifestyles
– To promote sustainable agriculture
– To reduce food waste by 50% by 2020
The initiative needs your support to make the Protocol reality.
Get involved and share your contribution!

Moms and Kids Digital Magazine is the digital magazine for all the mothers with kids aged from 3 to 10 years old.In this magazine mothers can share their experiences and read about good nutrition, travel, lifestyle and activities with their children.
In particular events there is the chance to download dedicated contents for special activities with kids.
It’s Piccolini Time!
Discover more here!
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