Packaging, the 5th P of Marketing

Pasta Packaging Ferrari BrandIf you are a marketeer, you’ll probably be aware of the “4 Ps of Marketing”; Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

This is a Marketing fundamental, often referred to as “Marketing Mix”, and it is a basic tool every Marketing Manager should rely on.

The 4P were firstly introduced in the in the 1960 by E. Jerome McCarthy and got immediate success.

Later the 4Ps theory has been further developed in many ways, among others the Robert F. Lauterborn 7Cs for Niche Marketing.

Anyway, I have always thought that the original 4Ps theory was not complete as it was underestimating the 5th P; Packaging.

The Packaging may be considered part of the Product (the very first P) but I think it deserves more consideration and to be counted as a P itself.

Packaging can really change the overall perception of a Product, being valorized by Design and Branding.

The latest example of this concept comes from Peddy Mergui‘s art exhibition; “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat”.

The artist has imagined common use products, mainly FMCG, as if they were produced by the most iconic brands in the world.

So we have the stylish Ferrari pasta, the luxury Burberry’s noodles, the minimalistic Apple milk.Milk Apple brand

This experiment tells us not only how wide are the possible extensions of these global brands, but also how Packaging counts for the perception of price, quality and eventually desire.

Wouldn’t you think those items could cost significantly more than their usual competitors on the supermarket’s shelves?

Aren’t you curious how a Versace egg would taste?

Don’t underestimate the power of Packaging, the 5th P of Marketing!


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