The real Apple Store…

Real Apple Store Borough MarketIt is often said “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, but surprisingly keeps marketeers closer.

If you are a 1.000 years old food market in South London how can you pull alongside the most powerful and relevant brand nowadays?

The Real Apple Store is the answer that Borough Market has given, following the consultancy of communications agency Tin Man.

They have created a temporary retail space within the market premises to celebrate the Apple Day, mimicking the store experience and logo of world renowned Apple Stores, well, I mean the Tech ones…

In the location about a thousand of different variety of apples are showcased, not to mention the “ugly” Knobby Russet.

Besides the obvious main reference to Apple Inc., side messages on contemplation of Mother Nature’s variety, the never ending importance of our food culture and heritage even in modern times are very clear and self explaining.

The “wow effect” that a wall full of apples and the entire store gives to the guests is particularly important for younger generations that, especially in a metropole like London, may have not ever experienced such natural diversity.

This is definitely great Marketing!

The Real Apple Store opens in London from on Vimeo.


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